Ambassador Program

Our ambassador program provides a unique way for you to help business owners who visit your website discover, for FREE, if their brands are trademarkable in Canada and the United States.

You have seen what kind of experience our clients can expect from us, and we hope you find it worthy of sharing with your friends, customers, and partners.

Not only will you become a hero with your them, you will also get paid for each confirmed search request we receive through you. As our former or current client, you get to enjoy better commissions compared to our regular affiliates.

To see your special terms and generate your ambassador password, simply log in with your email and personal code that we’ve sent you. If you have already joined, use your email and your password to log in.


Trademark searches are provided by Trademark Factory International Inc. or its affiliated attorneys, authorized to represent clients before both CIPO (Canadian Intellectual Property Office) and USPTO (United States Patent and Trademarks Office).

No lawyer-client relationship arises between Trademark Factory International Inc. and the Ambassador. All information remains confidential between Trademark Factory International Inc. and the person requesting the trademark search.

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